When you’ve got a big fight coming up, you want to be at peak performance. There’s nothing worse than getting into the ring and feeling at odds with your potential. Undisputed Champion Nutrition was formed to unleash your inner champion. To help you walk boldly into the sports battlefield boldly and confidently. Our aim is to be the fuel for all the passionate fighters of the world so they can play at their very best. Throw your fists with clarity and confidence with the world’s first nutritional solution for professional fighters.

Expertly formulated right here in the UK by the world’s leading Olympic nutritionists, our powerful drinks ensure you are your best in and out of the ring. Leveraging our collective thirty years’ experience in boxing, powerlifting, strongman and fitness, we’ve designed the perfect nutritional drink to supercharge your fighting performance. We use only the finest quality ingredients to ensure we’re always on the cutting edge of sports nutrition. From our state-of-the art facilities we only source the best quality ingredients from proven and trusted suppliers. This means you can put your faith in us to deliver a first-rate experience every time, without any nasty additives. We are always on the pulse of emerging nutritional health trends and strive to always bring the latest innovations in the sector to our clients. Whether you are an MMA fighter or a boxer, our drinks are tailored to take your training to a whole new level.

We formed in late 2019 with a simple, yet ambitious vision in mind. Armed with heaps of passion and determination, the idea was to give back to the combat sports community in the form of nutrition products that would ensure fighters perform at peak condition. We believe boundless energy should be available to every fighter. You shouldn’t have to be at a disadvantage when you enter the ring. So we work tirelessly to bring accessible nutrition solutions to every fighter that wants to play at their very best.