Champion Bundle – Takedown Pre-Workout and Fighter’s Whey

The road to becoming a champion starts with how well you train.

The Champion Bundle includes the 1x Takedown Pre-Workout Formula and 1x Fighter’s Whey Protein Powder so you can begin training like a real fighter should––with intensity and power!

With these two supplements, you’ll be able to train harder and longer while building muscle.

From £62.00


In stock


In stock

Champion Bundle – Takedown Pre-Workout and Fighter’s Whey

From £62.00

A combination of Fighter’s Whey and Takedown Preworkout products at a KO price! Everything you need to be a champion.

  • Boost Energy Levels – The unique blend of Takedown contains a special mix of Caffeine to boost energy levels so you’re at your best before every training session.

  • Train Harder & Longer – Takedown’s pre-workout formula contains Betaine Anhydrous which is known to increase strength and endurance so you can train like a champion.

  • Increase Strength & Recovery – The pre-workout formula also contains Creatine Monohydrate which increases strength and helps muscles recover faster during workouts.

  • Increase Muscle Growth – The Fighter’s Whey Protein Powder helps fighters build muscle faster and prevents muscle tissue breakdown so your body stays strong and ready.

  • Maintain Bone Strength – Protein also contributes to the maintenance of bone density which makes them strong and less prone to injuries.

Champion bundle includes:

Fighter’s Whey


By packaging our pre-workout formula and whey protein powder blend into one package, you can go through training camp with prolonged intensity and power. Integrate the Champion Bundle into your training regiment and get to work because champions aren’t born, they’re forged through sweat and blood.

Buy the Champion Bundle now to train harder while building muscle! 


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